Legendary Monsters, Magic Arenas, Epic Duels

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Building the largest
real-time multiplayer
strategy game on
the blockchain.

Own your cards. Build your deck. Battle over one million players worldwide and compete in leagues to win incredible prizes!

A New Vision for Play to Own

Real Time PvP Battles

Build. Forge. Battle.

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Build a deck of NFTs that you own. Choose from 65+ unique minions and spells to craft your unique strategy!

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Level up your cards to earn more from your NFTs and power up your deck.

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Battle over 1.4M monthly active users across to world. Rise the ranks in the league and earn huge prizes.

The Ascension

Fully own your cards in Ascension. Players can trade, sell, and loan their cards to friends and other players, or use them in battle to win rewards.

Ascending into Web3

The Ascension puts ownership in the hands of the players to buy, sell, trade, and earn.

NFT cards will have direct utility in game and generate token rewards from gameplay.

Earn $ACS on a daily basis by battling with NFTs and get multipliers on your rewards by winning in leagues!

NFTs & Founder Cards

Founder Cards are a class of Ascended Cards that provide special benefits.

Playable NFTs allow players to earn daily $ACS rewards and unlock earning multipliers when they play multiple NFTs or rank up in Leagues.

New NFTs are released monthly, and players can spend $ACS to mint new cards and unlock powerful strategies.

Unlock the maximum yield generation asset in the game.

Participate and vote in governance proposals about key game decisions.

Ascension Crystals ($ACS)

The only token in the Castle Crush Ascension ecosystem. Players earn $ACS by playing and spend $ACS on in-game assets and tournaments.

Play daily with NFTs. Earn seasonal rewards. Rank in Tournaments and Leagues.

Upgrade your NFTs. Buy-in to Tournament. Purchase NFT Chests & cosmetic items.

We're working in the development of our own marketplace platform that is going to be launched soon.


Spend $ACS to purchase Ascended Chests, Founder Chests, and additional in-game assets and cosmetics from the Marketplace. Players can also buy, sell, and trade their NFTs with millions of players worldwide through the Marketplace.

Spend $ACS to purchase Founders Chests and Ascended Chests.

Buy, Sell, and Trade with other players in Acension.

Purchase and own additional assets in the Ascension ecosystem.

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